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I adore colour and have a yearning to understand the magnitude of its properties and the wide and various dimensions associated with it.


Any one thing does not predetermine my choice of colours; it is inspiration from everything around me. The last autumnal leaf on a tree surrounded by the darkening branches may prompt me to explore reds with rich browns, the stitching and colours on a beautiful silk box may lead me to explore their marks and relationships.


The physicality of making a piece is often determined by my own arm stretch thereby giving no break in energy between me and my canvas. This connects to a fascination between the human form and sacred geometry.


A thorough understanding of colour, its placement, my dialogue with the canvas, the exploration of the relationship connecting the pieces, their space and the viewer (the human form) are of central importance to my works.


Drk Red Dyptch Detail 5 - DSC01233ab
ICEE Detail 6 -DSC01107abc
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